Report Guideline


  1. Project report must be written based on A4 paper

  2. Font to be used is Times New Roman (TNR) or Arial Narrow.

  3. Title must be using font size 20 pt, TNR, bold and centered

  4. Name of students and teacher advisor must be written in font 14 pt , centered

  5. Main topic: 14 pt TNR, bold and aligned left.

  6. Main subtopic: 12 pt TNR, boldand aligned left

  7. Use the 1.5 interval line spacing.

  8. The margin must be 2 cm from the left side of each paper.

  9. Diagrams and tables must be properly labeled and numbered.

  10. Research papers must be proofread before submission.



  1. All projects and research must be functional on the competition day. Prototypes can be exhibited if they can be placed on the table. Maximum size of projects materials exhibited is 76 cm width, 122 cm long and 274 cm height. Projects which exceed the regulated size will be disqualified. Size and research rules and regulation are according to the standard of rules International Science and Engineering Fair ( ISEF ) 2009.

  2. Exhibition area / booth is provided with a tripod stand, a table sized 2.3’ x 3.3’ and a socket for 200 booths only.

  3. All teams must complete and submit the registration form in the official website, Abstract must be emailed to  from 15 January 2018 to 27 February 2018.  Due date to submit a complete paperwork is 30 March 2018.

  4. Prizes are allocated for the winners according to the percentage of marks and are categorized as Gold, Silver and Bronze for 200 participations.

  5. All decisions made by panel of judges are finalized and any disagreement will be ignored.

  6. Please refer to complete information regarding the Malaysian International Young Inventors Olympiad (MIYIO) 2018.


 Please refer to the following web page to ensure that the items on display are allowed 


5-10 minutes are given to students to present their study in English or Malay language. Another 5 minutes is allocated for Question and Answer session by the judges and visitors.