Science Innovation and Invention Competition organized by Boarding Schools (SBP) is an annual event to bring together young scientists from all over the boarding school since 1998. It is a platform to share researchA� findings and development of science and engineering students. This program has produced many talented students in the world and world-class science and engineering research projects.

The original purpose of this competition is to expand the application of science and engineering knowledge that leads to problem solving and the use of latest technology in daily life. They also want to create awareness and growing interest to students about benefits and wonders of science and engineering in our lives.

Now with the surge of the new mission and vision of SBP, Science Innovation and Invention Competition SBP has been upgraded to an international level with projects involving science and engineering from all boarding schools in Malaysia (SBP) , SBT schools, MRSM, international schools, daily schoolsA� in Penang and schools from Asia and Europe. In 2017, MIYIO have upgraded in organization structure, judging process and awards.